Best Compression Travel Bags in Australia

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best compression travel bags
The best compression travel bags make packing a breeze. Image: Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

The best compression travel bags reduce the size of clothes and fabrics in your baggage or backpack significantly, keep smelly clothes contained and protect non-water-resistant items.

So, which are the best compression travel bags in Australia?

Best compression bags for travel no vacuum required

While some travellers favour packing cubes, I prefer roll-type no vacuum compression travel bags due to their multi-purpose nature:

  • They reduce the size of your clothes and other fabrics in your bag for more packing space;
  • They are light, reusable and relatively cheap;
  • In an emergency, you could even use them to store water or food.

Best compression travel bags comparison table

Compression Travel BagSize# IncludedPrice
Korjo Compression Travel Bags (3-Pack)40 x 60 cm3*
Samsonite Compression Packing Bags (12-Piece Kit)Various 12**
Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Sac Set (Set of 3)S, M & L3***

Image © Korjo/Amazon

I purchased the Korjo Compression Travel Bags (3-Pack) and I have found them to be perfect for compressing my clothes by about 1/2 of their original size. I chose the 60×40 cm bags (3 bags included) from eBay Australia.

They are also great for storing dirty/smelly clothes and for a makeshift ‘washing bag’ for home or laundromat use. If washing at a laundromat, fold it up, put it in your bag and open it again when you return to collect your washing.

For 12 months, I’ve used them to: carry wet shoes, as a way to keep ants out of dry food and as a mat under frozen goods in the car – all without any tearing or holes.

The cheapest option, they are more than half the price of the Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Sac Set (Set of 3). Yet, the Eagle Creek compression travel bags come in three different sizes, which might work better for you.

Compression bags can serve multiple purposes. Image © Kate Zarb

Korjo compression travel bags review

I’ve found the Korjo Compression Travel Bags sturdy, easy to use and reasonably priced. 3 bags is more than enough in a small to medium-sized backpack. They fold away into my laptop case when not in use.

They are also a “proudly Australian family company“.

I’ve owned cheaper, no-brand compression bags that were just, essentially, big ‘zip-lock-type’ bags. These always seem to ‘pop’ from the pressure of travel or over-enthusiastic air removal.

Korjo bags have a simple air-release mechanism that helps to avoid this problem and compress my clothes by about 1/2 of their original size without the need for a vacuum. You just seal up the ‘zip-lock’ top and roll out the remaining air around your clothes in the compression bag through the one-way ‘valve’ at the bottom. This works surprisingly well and stays compressed until re-opened.

Overall, these are the bags that I use and recommend.

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