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Welcome to Oh, Nomad!

My name is Kate Zarb, born and raised in beautiful Bondi, Australia. I am an online business owner, teacher and blogger who has been a digital nomad full-time for the past 3 years. After travelling on and off for the past decade (including working as an English teacher in countries such as Mexico and Colombia), I wanted even more freedom.

I began travelling in my early 20s and now, in my mid-30s, still have incurable wanderlust. Photo (c) Kate Zarb

I tried (and failed) a few times to successfully combine online income and travel, never quite finding the balance between the two. It took me years to make my dreams of a location-independent lifestyle a reality …but you don’t have to wait!

Oh, Nomad! is here to help fast-track your own digital nomad adventure.

Topics covered

How to succeed as a digital nomad; from mindset to money.

Your online business and/or remote work, side-hustle and passive income options.

Budget travel with the working professional in mind.


As well as general information via my blog and ebooks, I offer:

Consulting services to those who want 1:1 support to make the transition to this lifestyle quickly, easily and from wherever you currently are.

To help connect you with professionals who can assist you with all areas of the process of relocating.


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