digital nomad visas with family

Digital Nomad Visas With Family: A Complete Guide for Australians

More families than ever from Australia are embracing the digital nomad lifestyle. Let’s explore longer-term digital nomad visas with family-friendly options for couples, single parents with children and families with a few mini-globetrotters in tow. Digital nomad family Although the modern concept of ‘family’ is a broad one, for the purposes of digital nomad visas … Read more

digital nomad visas asia

Digital Nomad Visas Asia: A Complete Guide for Australians

Asian governments are relatively slow to adopt the nomad trend (compared to Europe, for example) but here are your choices for digital nomad visas Asia-wide. This post shows your current work while travelling visa options, costs and requirements – plus the countries to monitor closely. There are three exciting digital nomad visas in development, offering … Read more

Digital Nomad Visas Europe: A Complete Guide for Australians

Find out where Australians can currently go with long-term digital nomad visas Europe-wide. Post-pandemic, 20+ European countries are looking to attract nomadic professionals who will stay a little longer than the average tourist and spend their working hours in cafes and co-working spaces. In this post, you’ll see your options, visa requirements and potential costs. … Read more

181 Best Digital Nomad Jobs Australians Can Travel Doing

There’s never been a greater time to embrace the nomadic lifestyle of work and travel. With so many online digital nomad jobs Australians can do, which is best? Here are 181+ jobs with info about each and a link to get you started. If you want to fund your global travel, keep reading until you find … Read more

paid market research online australia

Digital Nomad Side Hustle: Well Paid Market Research Online Australia

2-3 hours/week to make ≈$600/month with no skills or experience? A scam! No, it’s one of my best legit side hustles…real, well-paid market research online. Crappy paid surveys that end in spam emails? Think again. What is Paid Market Research Online? Businesses, governments, universities, charities and other organisations all conduct online research. When a business … Read more

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