Best Australian house sitting sites for digital nomads

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I’m an Australian digital nomad who has been house-sitting in Australia (due to the pandemic) for almost three years. After 29 house sits and 50+ pets taken care of, what are my recommendations for the best house-sitting sites in Australia, based on my experience?

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Want to skip the details and get moving? My #1 pick: Aussie House Sitters.

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Aussie House Sitters is the best Australian House Sitting site for me, or more accurately, the ‘site that I had the most success with from 2019-2023’.

Aussie House Sitters has been my main source of house sitting opportunities and is easy to use. The alerts (that they send you when new house sits are advertised) arrive quickly to your email, allowing you to make fast contact. They have a booking calendar to track your ‘sits’ and a good messaging system – so, communication with homeowners and the site admin has both been extremely positive. Competition is not as fierce as international sites.

Aussie House Sitters ($79 AUD/year) is “The largest, most trusted pet and house sitting site in Australia“. Easy to use, good search and alerts and price (less than 1 night in a cheap Airbnb). Highly recommended.

3 Best Australian House Sitting Sites

mindahome, Aussie House Sitters and Trusted Housesitters are my current top three. I’ve been using Aussie House Sitters and mindahome for years, while I am still relatively new to an international site like Trusted Housesitters. For maximum opportunities, sign up for all three.

There are a number of other sites that offer Australian-only house sitting and a few international sites that include Australia, here are their current costs:

Australian House Sitting Site Costs

Australian House Sitting WebsitesRating / LocationMembership Costs
Aussie House Sitters (Best Overall Australia) 9/10 – AUSTRALIA$79 AUD/year
mindahome (Best Australia alternative to Aussie House Sitters) 7/10 – AUSTRALIA$59 AUD/year
Trusted Housesitters (Both Australia and International combined)5/10 – UK/NZ/AUS$129 AUD/year
Happy Housesitters (TBC)TBC/10 – AUSTRALIA$59 AUD/year
The House Sitters (TBC)TBC/10 – AUSTRALIA$50 AUD/year
Many TBC (c) Kate Zarb Oh, Nomad!
Want to know my best house-sitting sites for Australians or those in Australia on a budget?

Best Australian House Sitting Sites for Digital Nomads

House sitting is a great opportunity for digital nomads, but we have a few requirements that make our search for house sits a little different. Here are a few digital nomad-specific requirements and how the Australian House Sitting sites stack up:


Although you should always confirm the internet speed and limits with homeowners (ask them to do a speed test beforehand, if you need a fast connection), Aussie House Sitters has a dropdown filter (on the right-hand side menu) to allow you to sort housesits by what the home offers (Pool, Netflix etc.), which includes internet/wifi. It has been pretty accurate so far. Just note that many people use the terms internet/wifi interchangeably.

Mindahome also has this search function, in the ‘show additional filters’ drop-down of their search, although it is a little more hidden and less homeowners seems to check the box, even if they have internet.

Trusted Housesitters has a ‘High-speed wifi homes’ filter (click ‘More Filters’), but as that’s something that a homeowner has to self-identify as having, I find that there is a lower % of homes with this option selected than the other two sites. Also, as an international site, the definition of “high speed” is more variable than if you are searching for Australian-only sits.

House Sit Duration

Although anecdotal (and my experience only), I’ve found the longest-term house sits via Aussie House Sitters, followed by Mindahome. Trusted Housesitters has a higher number of short-term sits (of less than 2 weeks) from my searching.

House Sit Location

Especially in a major city, you might want to move from house sit to house sit in the local area. Similar to the others, I’ve found Aussie House Sitters has the best map function, with the ability to change the distance from where you currently are in the search. Mindahome and Trusted Housesitters have slightly less user-friendly maps.

Best Australian House Sitting Sites for Digital Nomads

Again, Aussie House Sitters is my #1 site for House Sitting. Using the site is a breeze and they have the easiest-to-use filters that allow you to find something that fits in with your needs.

mindahome has been a reliable ‘gap filler’ to supplement Aussie House Sitters and is $59 AUD/year. I find their map complicated to use and alerts are not as fast as Aussie House Sitters. Otherwise, the site is OK, with a lower number of opportunities. Overall, still worth the membership fee!

Trusted Housesitters is new for me, and as I’ve not secured any house sitting there, I can’t yet comment on the site.

Each digital nomad will have different needs and requirements, but Aussie House Sitters has been the best Australian House Sitting Sites for me.

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