Digital Nomad 101

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Digital and Nomadic Lifestyle: Australian Guide

There’s a growing movement of adventurous Australians living a nomadic lifestyle. 11 million+ outbound international trips were taken by Aussies in 2019. Earning and passport strength mean Australians can explore the world with relative freedom. We’ll examine secrets to success in such a lifestyle, alongside the pros and cons to … Read On

digital nomad ebook

15 Kindle Digital Nomad Ebooks Under $5

If you are looking for a cheap ebook for your Kindle, here is a list of 15 travel and digital nomad ebooks for business, work, pet sitting, flight hacking and digital nomad-friendly location guides. All books here have at least a few 5-star reviews and are available on for … Read On

how to become a digital nomad

How to Become a Digital Nomad in Australia: A Guide

End a work day by the fire on a faraway beach? How to become a digital nomad? You can overcome challenges that those new to the travelling work lifestyle face. Let me show you how. How to become a digital nomad The easiest first step is to download a free … Read On

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