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best compression travel bags

Best Compression Travel Bags in Australia

The best compression travel bags reduce the size of clothes and fabrics in your baggage or backpack significantly, keep smelly clothes contained and protect non-water-resistant items. So, which are the best compression travel bags in Australia? Best compression bags for travel no vacuum required While some travellers favour packing cubes, … Read On…

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Digital and Nomadic Lifestyle: Australian Guide

There’s a growing movement of adventurous Australians living a nomadic lifestyle. 11 million+ outbound international trips were taken by Aussies in 2019. Earning and passport strength mean Australians can explore the world with relative freedom. We’ll examine secrets to success in such a lifestyle, alongside the pros and cons to … Read On…

digital nomad ebook

Kindle Travel & Digital Nomad eBooks Under $5

If you are looking for a cheap ebook for your Kindle, here is a list of travel and digital nomad ebooks for business, work, pet sitting, flight hacking and digital nomad-friendly location guides. Happy reading! Digital Nomad eBooks – Budget Travel $0.99 Kindle eBooks Digital Nomad eBooks – General Travel … Read On…

how to become a digital nomad

How to Become a Digital Nomad in Australia: A Guide

Do you want to know to become a digital nomad, sitting by the fire on a faraway beach? Let’s look at common challenges for beginners and how to overcome them to live the ‘nomad dream’. How to become a digital nomad The easiest first step is to download a free … Read On…

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