Digital Nomad Visas Asia: A Complete Guide for Australians

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digital nomad visas asia
Hong Kong doesn’t currently have a digital nomad visa but there are alternatives. Image: Arnie Chou/Unsplash

Asian governments are relatively slow to adopt the nomad trend (compared to Europe, for example) but here are your choices for digital nomad visas Asia-wide. This post shows your current work while travelling visa options, costs and requirements – plus the countries to monitor closely. There are three exciting digital nomad visas in development, offering up to 10 years of work and travel!

What is a digital nomad visa?

While each visa is different, they generally offer those who earn their income independently of the country that they are in (such as remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and online business owners) 1-3 years in which to legally travel and work in that country.

Currently Available Digital Nomad Visas Asia-Wide


Malaysia has launched the “De Rantu” digital noma visa for digital professionals that are looking for a base in SE Asia for up to 24 months in cities like Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu.

Cost: ≈$360 AUD
Visa length: Up to 1 Year
Renewable (Y/N): Y, up to 24 months
Income requirement: ≈$38k AUD/yr min. annual income
Cost of living: Low. The COL in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is 57.88% lower than in Sydney, Australia.
Mobile internet speed (Global): ≈103.34 MBps (45/144)
Global peace index: 18/163
Official site: De Rantu


When nomads think of a digital nomad visa in Asia, they don’t usually consider Taiwan, but their Gold Card may be perfect for your needs. A 3-year work permit is available for professionals in the following fields (and their families): Architecture, Arts & Culture, Economy, Education, Finance, Science & Tech, Law, Sports and National Defence (see website for full details).

Launched in 2018, The Taiwan Employment Gold Card is a combined visa, work permit, and residence permit. The card gives you the right to stay and work in Taiwan for 1 to 3 years, and you can apply online without sponsorship. It comes with open-work rights, so you can work for any (or multiple) companies in Taiwan or start your own business“.

Cost: ≈$200 AUD
Visa length: Up to 36 months
Renewable (Y/N): N
Income requirement: No clear minimum income requirements.
Families allowed (Y/N): Y
Cost of living: Medium. The COL in Taipei, Taiwan is 35.05% lower than in Sydney, Australia.
Fixed internet speed (Global): ≈163.85 Mbps (21/100)
Global peace index: 30/163
Official site: Taiwan Gold Card

You can live and work in Taipei City, Taiwan for up to 3 years. Image: Timo Volz/Unsplash


Thailand has just announced a 10-year digital nomad visa (or Long-Term Resident, or LTR Visa). There are already significant digital nomad communities in Bangkok, Koh Phangan, and Koh Samui celebrating this visa’s arrival.


Cost: The processing fee for the 10-Year Digital Nomad (LTR) Visa is 50,000 Baht (≈$2000 AUD). Once approved, you will need to pay a yearly fee of 3,000 Baht (≈$120 AUD) for your Work Permit.
Visa length: 10 Years
Renewable (Y/N): N/A
Income requirement: $80k USD/year [≈$112k AUD] min annual income (plus other criteria).
Families allowed (Y/N): Yes, spouse and up to four children under the age of 20.
Cost of living: Low. The COL in Bangkok, Thailand is 43.70% lower than in Sydney, Australia.
Fixed internet speed (Global): ≈206.81 Mbps (7/100)
Global peace index: 103/163
Official site: Royal Thai Embassy Canberra

Thailand Working Holiday Visa

A digital nomad visa for Thailand isn’t your only option. If you’re aged 18-30 and have completed at least 3 years of university, you could apply to live in Thailand for up to 12 months with a Working Holiday Visa. The visa costs ≈$300 AUD.

You could soon be a digital nomad in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Image: Peter Borter/Unsplash

Future/Planned Digital Nomad Visas Asia-Wide


Interest in Indonesian immigration for Aussie nomads has skyrocketed since a potential 5-year Bali digital nomad visa was announced in mid-2022. Suggestions of a long (and potentially tax-free) residency in a country with such a low cost of living have been warmly welcomed by both the Australian and Bali digital nomad communities in places like Canggu and Ubud. Yet, at the time of writing, the Bali visa is still in development.

Cost: TBC
Visa length: TBC (5 Years?)
Renewable (Y/N): TBC
Income requirement: TBC
Families allowed (Y/N): TBC
Cost of living: Low. The COL in Bali, Indonesia is 56.36% lower than in Sydney, Australia.
Mobile internet speed (Global): ≈9.9 Mbps (88/100)
Global peace index: 47/163
Official site: Australian Embassy Indonesia

Indonesia Working Holiday Visa

If you are an Australian aged 18-30, you might not need to wait for the Indonesian digital nomad visa. 4000 Working Holiday Visas are issued each year to Aussies with “…functional Indonesian language skills and have completed at least two years of university education.” to live and work there for up to a year. The visa costs ≈$250AUD.

You might find yourself in Kudawa, Sri Lanka. Image: Agnieszka Kowalczyk/Unsplash

Sri Lanka

Another visa still in development, the Sri Lankan digital nomad visa will allow up to 12 months for “…foreigners who can carry out their work remotely, usually from a laptop with an internet connection. Examples of workers who may be eligible for the Digital Nomad Visa are programmers, website developers, or digital entrepreneurs”. Nomad-friendly destinations include Colombo, Negombo, Galle, and Tangalle.

Cost: TBC
Visa length: Up to 1 Year
Renewable (Y/N): TBC
Income requirement: TBC
Families allowed (Y/N): TBC
Cost of living: Low. The COL in Colombo, Sri Lanka is 75.51% lower than in Sydney, Australia.
Mobile internet speed (Global): ≈10.2 Mbps (80/144)
Global peace index: 90/163
Official site: Sri Lanka ETA Online

Other Asian Visa Options

Note: All ages are inclusive unless otherwise stated.

Hong Kong Working Holiday Visa

A digital nomad visa alternative for 18-to-30 years olds to visit cities like Hong Kong and Kowloon is the Working Holiday Visa. You must “…hold a return air ticket or financial proof of having sufficient funds to purchase a return air ticket; hold medical, healthcare (including hospitalisation), repatriation and liability insurance…” The visa costs ≈$40AUD.

Japan Working Holiday Visa

For up to 18 months of living and working in Tokyo or Osaka, instead of a digital nomad visa in Japan (still MIA), consider the Working Holiday Visa. Again, it’s only for 18 to 30-year-olds but the visa is FREE.

Malaysia Working Holiday Visa

An Australian aged between 18 and 30 years old “…who has studied at university for at least two years“? Apply for a Working Holiday Visa for Malaysia. As there is no digital nomad visa in Malaysia currently planned, this is a good Plan B for those who are eligible. Kuala Lumpur is often touted as one of the top digital nomad cities in Asia. The visa costs ≈$30 AUD.

Singapore Working Holiday Visa

Requirements for the Singapore Working Holiday Visa? You’re Australian, 18-30 and have completed at least two years of university education. Apply and this will allow you to live and work in Singapore for up to 6 months. There are no other current digital nomad visa alternatives in Singapore. The visa costs ≈$30 AUD.

South Korea Working Holiday Visa

Another country with no current digital nomad visa, South Korea offers a Working Holiday Visa to Australians aged 18-30 for up to a year. Busan and Seoul are both tourist and nomad hotspots. The visa costs ≈$195 AUD.

Vietnam Korea Working Holiday Visa

Australians aged 18-30 who “..have a university degree or [have] successfully completed at least two years of undergraduate university study…” can apply for the Vietnamese Working Holiday instead of a digital nomad visa to live in a city like Da Nang or Hanoi for up to a year. The visa costs ≈$35 AUD.

Your digital nomad journey might take you to Hanoi, Vietnam. Image: Silver Ringvee/Unsplash

As you can see, Digital Nomad Visa options in Asia are still currently limited. With the three visas in progress, this is a good indication that this will change in the next few years. Digital nomads under 30 can take advantage of the Working Holiday Visa options for the time being, while older nomads will have to remain patient or look further afield for our immediate long-term travel plans.

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