Digital Nomad Jobs Australians Are Embracing (Complete List 180+)

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There has never been a better time to embrace nomadic life. Yet, with so many online jobs, which will best support your nomad dreams? This comprehensive guide looks at 180+ digital nomad jobs Australians are increasingly adopting, grouped by field. You’ll read a little about the most common roles and find a link to get started.

Wherever you’re starting from today, there is a job here for you.

Note: All prices listed are in Australian Dollars (AUD) unless otherwise stated. While the majority of the links are to Australian sites, the job information in this article applies to anyone who is considering a move to digital nomadism.

> New to nomadism? Read “What is a digital nomad?” for the 101. 

Digital nomad jobs Australians are embracing are in:

  • Education and languages;
  • Administration and customer service;
  • Technology;
  • Sales, Marketing and Business; and
  • Creative fields.

Plus, there are new remote-friendly jobs emerging all the time! But, first…

The job that you already have might be the best digital nomad job.

When thinking about your digital nomad journey, I’m a big advocate for the phrase “Start where you are”. The best and easiest digital nomad job is the one that you already have.

For some professions, this may be obvious, but for others, may require a bit of creative thinking. Obviously, there are some roles that can never be done remotely and may require a career change, but are there other roles in your field that are adjacent to the one that you are doing now that may be? Or an adjacent field that requires transferable skills that you already have?

Once you’ve read this post and seen what’s being offered, you may be surprised.

If you’ve already been working remotely during the pandemic but with an implicit or assumed return to the physical workplace, how can you “pitch” working remotely in the future?

A few tips are:

  • Focus on benefits to your employer, not yourself;
  • Suggest a trial period;
  • Prepare, gather evidence to support your pitch and anticipate pushback.

Negotiation is intimidating, but if you’re already considering a potential job/career change, you’ve got more to gain than to lose by trying this first. 

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180+ common digital nomad jobs Australians are embracing

Education and Languages

(Teacher, Tutor, Translator, Educator, Editor, Proofreader, Coach)

Coming from an education background, my digital nomad journey started by working as an online English teacher, and then moved to be an online business owner and content writer.

Not just an option for qualified teachers, if you’ve got skills that you can help others to learn, this may be the option for you. The demand for online tuition has grown exponentially during the pandemic as schools around the world closed. Many parents want extra support as well as entertaining but educational after-school activities for their kids. Adults want to use their free time productively by learning new skills for recreation and their career.

Educators and tutors help young minds to learn and grow. With students around the world, including Australia, marketplaces like Outschool (where the top performers make $200k/year) have gone from 1-7000 educators in a small period of time and they are still hiring. You can “teach” anything from art, and languages, to critical thinking. If you think that you can offer fun and interactive lessons for kids, this might be a good option for you.

> Become an educator on Outschool

English (TESOL) teachers/tutors assist the estimated 1.5 billion people who are learning English globally via platforms like Zoom. If you’re looking for a flexible part-time role that really makes a difference in people’s lives, this may be perfect. Clear communication skills and a friendly personality are big assets in this job.

Not just limited to children, there are learners of all ages looking to improve their English skills for study, business and immigration. You can complete a TESOL qualification in just a few weeks. 

> How to teach english online

Coaching is a much wider category of tuition that can take on areas as broad as relationships, business, career and even, digital nomadism. If you’re an expert at something, you can share those skills with others. (For example, do you want to work with a coach to help you kickstart your digital nomad work dreams, why not email me?).

Coaches often go on to become Course Creators.

> How to become a Life Coach in Australia
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> How to become a Career Coach

Language tutors work with those who want to learn additional languages for travel or fun. If you speak another language, consider offering language tuition on a website like Airtasker.

Translators use their second/multiple languages as a translator to translate documents, audio transcripts and/or provide subtitles. You may be required to adhere to regulations in this field, so do your research.

> How to become a Translator

Editors read and correct written material from many sources and it is their role to assist the writer to achieve the goals of their writing. If you’ve got qualifications in a related field and impeccable grammar, you might want to consider this job.

An adjacent job is that of Proofreader. They check content for errors before being published, as well as make corrections and ensure accuracy.

> How to become an Editor 

Other Education and language jobs that can be done remotely include – Instructional Designer, Academic/Professor, Researcher, Online Lesson Writer, Practice Question Writer and Curriculum Designer.

Administration and Customer Service

(Virtual Assistant, Data Entry Operator, Bookkeeper, Customer Service Agent, Technical Support Representative, Transcriber)

With so many businesses moving online, there has been an increase in the need for administration assistance. 

Virtual assistants are like personal assistants who work online and assist businesses/entrepreneurs with a wide variety of tasks such as scheduling appointments, email management and general administration. They may also assist with digital marketing and social media management. If you’re organised and computer literate, this could be the perfect choice. 

> How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Data entry isn’t glamorous but it’s great for detailed-oriented folk who like to work alone. You need to be accurate and have fast typing skills, but you don’t need any specific qualifications in order to do this type of work. 

> What is a Data Entry Job? With FAQs and Types

Bookkeepers keep track of the money going in and out of a business, tracking expenses and income. If you’re adept at spreadsheets and good with numbers, you may find your calling here. Digital nomadism is also good for Accountants.

> Is it hard to become a Bookkeeper? 

Customer Service may not be something you think of as an online job, but it is becoming more commonly so, especially via email and chat. If you are good with people and enjoy problem-solving, consider this option.

> How to Snag (and Succeed at) a Remote Customer Service Job

An adjacent role is a Technical Support Representative, who helps customers resolve technical issues. 

> How to become a Support Representative

Transcribers / Transcriptionists convert speech, audio or video recordings into typed or written text. If you’ve got great listening skills and a fast typing speed, you might excel here. 

> How to Become a Transcriptionist (With a Step-by-Step Guide)

Other Administration roles that can be done remotely: Executive Assistant, Billing Specialist, Operations Assistant, Logistics Specialist, HR Assistant, Accounting Clerk, Payroll Assistant, Accounts Assistant and Production Assistant.


(Software Designer, Programmer, Website Developer, UX Designer)

While not the easiest jobs for beginners, technology jobs have traditionally been some of the most popular jobs among digital nomads due to their ease to do them remotely. They are also some of the highest-paid and most in-demand. 

Software designers and programmers do some similar tasks, including building and modifying software by writing, modifying, testing and deploying computer program code. With demand for programming set to increase by 30% in the next 5 years, for tech-savvy folk with an eye for detail, it’s worth considering.

> How to become a Software Designer
> How to become a Programmer

Website developers develop websites and other web-based content. They commonly work with programming languages. Many Web Developers specialise in either Front End (user-facing) or Back End (server-side) development, or both, known as a Full Stack Developer. A keen eye for code and systems is required.

> How to become a Web Developer

User Experience (UX) Designers help design and shape the user experience of products and services. Design skills and a good understanding of human behaviour will support you to succeed in this role.

> How to become a User Experience (UX) Designer 

Other Technology jobs that can be done remotely include: User Interface (UI) Designer, App Designer, Game Designer, IT Support, WordPress Developer, Data Scientist, Computer Systems Engineer, Database Administration, Systems Analyst, Full Stack Developer, Data Analyst, Solution Architect, Software Engineer, Compensation Analyst, Blockchain Infrastructure Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Revenue Analyst and PHP / C# / .Net / API / Android / iOS / Python / Postgres / AWS / Django / JavaScript / Laravel / Ruby on Rails / Swift  Developer or Engineer. 

digital nomad marketing
Photo by Alena Darmel

Sales, Marketing and Business 

(Salesperson, Marketer, Copywriter)

One area that has seen a huge boom in recent years is online sales and marketing jobs. More than ever, businesses want to sell online and need people to help do this. Business roles that were traditionally done in the office are now more commonly offered in a more flexible way.

Salespeople sell things, obviously. Yet, sales is a skill that involves healthy doses of personability and persuasiveness. If that sounds like you, it can be very lucrative and give you a strong base for your own business. 

> How to work from home as a Salesperson: 9 remote sales tips

Marketers (including digital, social media, content, SEO and email marketers) are in one of the biggest growing sectors of the digital nomad workforce, due to the rapid rise of businesses requiring an online marketing strategy. If you’re a big picture thinker who understands trends, this might be the job for you. 

Social Media Marketers sometimes do tasks that overlap with administration jobs like Virtual Assistants as many of these roles require strong social media skills, but generally require a greater level of understanding of marketing and communications. If social media is a passion of yours, it may be perfect.

> How to become a Marketer

Copywriters use words and persuasive techniques to sell goods and services. While strong writing skills are required, so is an ability to write specifically for the purposes of engaging an audience and getting them to purchase. 

> How to become a Copywriter

Other Business, Sales and Marketing jobs that can be done remotely include Business and Sales Consultants, Marketing Strategist, Social Media Strategist, PR Specialist, Business Analyst, Social Media Ads Specialist, Communications Specialist, Web Analytics Specialist, PPC Specialist, Media Analyst, B2B Marketing Specialist, Media Planner, Creative Director, SEM Manager, Media Buyer, Director, Human Resources Manager, Recruiter, Project Manager, Talent Operations Manager, Account Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Online Community Manager, Sales Coordinator / Manager, Enterprise Account Executive, Sales Developer, Account Executive, Buyer, Chat Sales, Investment Analyst, Purchasing Lead,  Managing Director and CEO / CFO / COO / CMO. 


(Writer, Artist, Designer, Musician)

While I’ve grouped this final set of jobs together, the range of creative pursuits that can be done as a job are endless and new titles develop every day. This is also the group least likely to work a traditional “job” and more likely to work in a freelance or entrepreneurial capacity, but creative remote jobs do make up a portion of those advertised.

Writers take on many roles such as Content Writer, Blogger, Author, Article Researcher, Editor, Poet, Journalist or Reviewer (among many others). Writers may be paid strictly for their creative works or by writing content for businesses and social media. If you have a passion for the written word and storytelling, this may be just what you are looking for. 

> How to change your career to full-time Writer in 3 months 

The term Artist encompasses roles such as Illustrator, Animator, Game Artist, Photographer, Art Director and more. Using their creativity to create beautiful visuals, they earn their living through analogue and digital mediums. They may sell their own work or use their talents to create works for others, including companies and brands. If you are creative and artistic, this might be great.

> How To Find Jobs in Art: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Designers may be found working in jobs as a Graphic Designer, Website Designer, CAD Designer, Interior Designer, Brand Designer, Product Designer or Fashion Designer depending on their choice of field. They usually create commercial products or media to a client’s specifications. Great for those who can translate visual ideas and work well to a brief. 

> How to become a Designer

Musicians may earn their living by selling their original compositions and performances or by providing music for advertising, video games or soundtracks. If you’ve got musical skills, you might be looking seriously at this.

Other Creative jobs that can be done remotely include: Voiceover Actor, Film / Video Editor, Photo Editor, Podcast Editor, Podcast Producer, Vlogger and Influencer.

Other digital nomad jobs that are remote-friendly include…

Remote Health Coach / Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Telehealth Doctor, Psychologist, Therapist, Clinical Data Manager, Medical Data Specialist, Inpatient Coder, Clinical Study Manager and Medical Scheduler.

Tax Agent, Immigration Agent, Trader, Financial Planner, Financial Controller, Lawyer, IP / Litigation / Contracts / Document Review / Trial Attorney, Insurance Agent, Legal Counsel, Paralegal, Regulatory and Compliance Specialist, Underwriting Assistant
, Architect and Urban Planner.

Virtual Host, Forum Moderator, Adult Entertainer, Online Poker Player, Mathematician and Philosopher …among many others!

How do I find digital nomad jobs (Australian-focused)?

Although there are hundreds of online job sites, here are some to start with:

As you can see, there are many digital nomad jobs Australians can do in an online or remote work capacity. Which one that you choose will be down to your existing skills and interests or your willingness to do the training or self-study required to change your career. 

Many of these jobs do not require formal qualifications, but instead can be done by those willing to spend the time “learning their craft” and networking in the field. Or maybe it is time to do that study you’ve been putting off? 

At first, I moved from classroom teaching to online teaching. Then, in the last two years, I found a passion for content creation and sharing knowledge in a new way – now travelling full-time while working from my laptop in a few different roles that are adjacent to what I was doing when I began. You never know where your digital nomad job will take you. 

So, which one are you considering?

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