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Digital Nomad Visas Asia: A Complete Guide for Australians

Asian governments are relatively slow to adopt the nomad trend (compared to Europe, for example) but here are your choices for digital nomad visas Asia-wide. This post shows your current work while travelling visa options, costs and requirements – plus the countries to monitor closely. There are three exciting digital … Read On

Digital Nomad Visas Europe For Australians: A Guide

Find out where Australians can currently go with long-term digital nomad visas! 20+ European countries are looking to attract nomadic professionals. You’ll see your options, visa requirements and potential costs. The countries that currently offer digital nomad visas in Europe for Australians are: Digital Nomad Visas Europe-Wide As there are … Read On

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10 Trending Digital Nomad Visa Countries For Australians

Here are 10 trending digital nomad visa countries for Australians based on popularity, cost of living (COL), safety and long-term options, plus requirements to apply. Some are yet to be official but get ready! The last one is a ‘secret’ digital nomad destination that is rarely discussed in Australia but … Read On

181 Best Digital Nomad Jobs Australia: A Guide

There’s never been a greater time to embrace the nomadic lifestyle of work and travel. With so many online digital nomad jobs that both Australians (and those in Australia) can do… Which is best? Here are 181 or more jobs, with information about each and a link to get you started. … Read On

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Side Hustle [1] Well Paid Market Research Online Australia

You can make up to $600 AUD/month (2-3hrs/wk) with no skills or experience. Market research online is just crappy paid surveys that end in spam emails? Think again. Businesses, governments, universities, charities and other organisations all conduct online research. When a business is going to launch a new advertising campaign, … Read On

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