Best Australian house sitting sites for digital nomads

I’m an Australian digital nomad who has been house-sitting in Australia (due to the pandemic) for almost three years. After 29 house sits and 50+ pets taken care of, what are my recommendations for the best house-sitting sites in Australia, based on my experience? Want to skip the details and … Read On

42 0dd Things to Do in Nimbin, Australia: A Guide

There are more things to do in Nimbin than get high! There are many people, activities and ideas in ‘Australia’s counterculture capital’ that the average day-tripper misses. Follow this guide to 42-odd things to do in Nimbin, Australia and enjoy a visit to this one-of-a-kind village in the Northern Rivers. … Read On

Thailand Digital Nomad Visa: A Guide for Australians

There’s a Thailand visa for Australians who work remotely! Here’s everything you need to know about the 10-YEAR Thailand digital nomad visa before applying, including the requirements, costs and application process. New Thailand 10 Year Digital Nomad Visa 2022 Announcement: Thailand Digital Nomad Visa Thailand’s new digital nomad visa, called … Read On

digital nomad visas asia

Digital Nomad Visas Asia: A Complete Guide for Australians

Asian governments are relatively slow to adopt the nomad trend (compared to Europe, for example) but here are your choices for digital nomad visas Asia-wide. This post shows your current work while travelling visa options, costs and requirements – plus the countries to monitor closely. There are three exciting digital … Read On

Digital Nomad Visas Europe For Australians: A Guide

Find out where Australians can currently go with long-term digital nomad visas! 20+ European countries are looking to attract nomadic professionals. You’ll see your options, visa requirements and potential costs. The countries that currently offer digital nomad visas in Europe for Australians are: Digital Nomad Visas Europe-Wide As there are … Read On

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