15 Kindle Digital Nomad Ebooks Under $5

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A good ebook is essential for the digital nomad with a sunny afternoon to kill. Photo by Rishikesh Sreehari.

If you are looking for a cheap ebook for your Kindle, here is a list of 15 travel and digital nomad ebooks for business, work, pet sitting, flight hacking and digital nomad-friendly location guides. All books here have at least a few 5-star reviews and are available on amazon.com.au for under $5 AUD.

Skills ebooks for digital nomads

Digital Nomad Business

  • Nomads: Adventurous Businesswomen who are Changing the World while Traveling by Sara Taylor
    [$1.36 on Amazon]
  • Turn Your Knowledge and Skills Into a Profitable Online Business by Magnus Unemyr
    [$1.30 on Amazon]
  • Break The System: Escape the Rat Race, Start a Business, Travel the World by Grant Weherley
    [$3.99 on Amazon]

Digital Nomad Work

  • The Remote Work Era: The Guide for Women to Go Remote & Thrive by Rhiannon Payne
    [$3.99 on Amazon]
  • 21st Century Emperor: A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Freedom and Financial Independence by David Black
    [$3.99 on Amazon]
  • Making Remote Work, Work For You: Remote work is going mainstream… Are you ready? by Joe Giglio
    [$3.99 on Amazon]

Pet & House Sitting

  • Pet Sit & Travel: Ten Lessons To Get You Great Reviews and Gigs by Sharon Ann Hamilton
    [$1.40 on Amazon]


  • Flight Route Hacking for Adventurous Travelers by Becky Crouch
  • [$3.99 on Amazon]
  • Sailing Alone Around the World by Joshua Slocum
    [$4.03 on Amazon]
  • Budget Travel Man’s Ultimate Travel Guide: Travelling For Less Than You Think You Can by Gianni Costantiello
    [$0.99 on Amazon]

Location-based ebooks for digital nomads

  • Two Broke Chicas Backpack Through South and Central America, Mexico and Cuba (Book 1) by R.L Terrell
    [$1.29 on Amazon]
  • Two Broke Chicas Backpack Through South and Central America, Mexico and Cuba (Book 2) by R.L Terrell
    [$1.29 on Amazon]
  • In the Land of Salsa: Living Like a Local in Havana by Daniele Ghidoli
    [$1.60 on Amazon]
  • The Georgia Expat Guide: Essentials For Moving To & Living in The Republic Of Georgia by Tom Williams
    [$3.99 on Amazon]
  • Guide for Digital Nomads to Budapest by Peter Benel
    [$3.99 on Amazon]

Are there any cheap digital nomad ebooks that you recommend?

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